Jumat, 15 April 2011

Cewek Seksi Debby Ayu

Cewek Seksi Debby Ayu in years past it was common to find multi-page lists of “must have” wedding photos in every wedding magazine on the rack. These were checkoff lists to make sure the photographer would get a picture of “Mother adjusting veil while bride looks into mirror” and “Flower girl kissing bride on cheek” and of course the never-ending list of every possible combination of wedding party attendant and family member. Amazingly we still see a remnant of these lists showing up on websites and blogs targeted at brides. These lists came from a time when photographers could only load a small roll of film into their medium-format cameras. Every shot had to be previsualized and preplanned to conserve film. Nowadays with pro digital cameras and 16GB memory cards there is no such limitation.

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